central bank

Central Bank

The new offices of the Central Bank are now an iconic part of Dublin’s North Quays. This highly modern building has been awarded the highest sustainable ratings for BREEAM. Many key components of the building make-up were chosen for their environmental benefits.

Enrich worked with the Landscape Contractor, Civil Engineer and Landscape Architect to manufacture the correct lightweight soil for the planters at podium level and for the restaurant roof top garden.

The specialist properties of the Enrich lightweight soil were required to ensure success of the project. Lightweight soils are designed to be free draining yet sustain healthy plant grow.

Key Highlights
Substrate Saturatedloading weight 1,100 kg per m3
Planting depth 350-900 mm
Type of planting Mixture of trees, ornamental grasses, shrubs
Components Peat-free compost, sandy loam, lightweight aggregate
Delivery method Bulk bags
Volume Used 850 cubic meters
central bank