Tesco Liffey Valley

Tesco Extra – Liffey Valley

Brand new Tesco extra store located at Liffey Valley Shopping centre. Enrich structural soil was used in the perimeter walkway and cyclepaths.

The structural soil was used to meet SUDs requirements and form the base for tree planting in a highly trafficked area. The linear trench has dual function as a storm-water soakaway for surface carpark areas and the shop roof spaces. The secondary function is rooting space for the trees. This is a high traffic area and requires well-structured soil that will not compact and must maintain open pore space for roots to freely move and water to percolate through the soil.

The linear trench was constructed with a drainage pipe at the base to allow surplus water to flow away. Majority of water will be utilised by the growing tree. The size of the trench will ensure longevity of the tree and provide maximizing rooting space for the tree to thrive.

Key Highlights  
Soil strength Measured in California Bearing Ratio (C.B.R)
Porosity 70-120mm per hour
Components 125-175mm Crushed Stone, Enrich topsoil
Delivery Loose tipped
Linear trench size 250m length ,0.9 m depth, 1.5m width
Volume 250 cubic meters
Tesco Liffey Valley