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Enrich Lightweight Green Roof Soil

Lightweight greenroof soils can be used for either extensive or intensive roof garden applications. Enrich Lightweight Roof Soil is a specially tailored soil mix designed for use on roof gardens. It is manufactured from a blend of recycled crushed brick, aggregates, soil and Enrich Compost.

This rich blend provides stability and minimises leaching of organic matter and nutrients. The product has sponge like properties which releases water slowly after heavy rainfall. It has an open structure that provides good drainage and strong root action for healthy plant growth.

Key benefits of using Enrich Lightweight Green Roof Soil

  • Key component of sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Supports life in situations that would otherwise be barren and sterile
  • Lightweight material and good porosity ensure good aeration within the soil
  • Creates biodiversity in high populated areas.
  • Green roofs can create a natural habitat for flora and fauna
  • Made from natural and recycled products

Specifications for Enrich Lightweight Roof Soil

  • Consistent High Quality
  • Peat free
  • 100% natural product
  • FLI specification

Delivery Options:

For bulk commercial deliveries contact Enrich directly.


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