Enrich Pro-Grow Pro-Grow premium quality topsoil

Enrich Progrow

Progrow is a premium quality topsoil ideal for planters and raised beds. It is produced by blending screened topsoil, Enrich Compost and horticultural grit.

This peat free mix has been finely screened to remove any large stones.

It is also suited for use on new lawn areas.

Key benefits of using Enrich Progrow Topsoil

  • Premixed with Enrich Compost which slowly releases essential plant nutrients
  • Increases active organic matter which is essential for soil health
  • Increases root development in plants
  • Provides a food source for beneficial micro-organisms
  • High quality soil mix
  • Finely screened
  • Peat free
  • Available all year round

How to Use

Add to soil at a rate of 100 – 150 mm in depth. Rake to require finish.
Allow topsoil to settle naturally in order to avoid over compaction.
Allow 15% above finished level for natural settlement.


  • It is ideally suited for all landscape applications.
  • When gardening please wear gloves and wash hands after use.
  • Use Progrow as soon as possible after purchase.
  • If storage is unavoidable cover to keep light and moisture out. Do not stack bags as this will compact the soil. Avoid placing anything heavy on stored bags.
  • Topsoil should never be left bare, cover with a mulch or green cover between growing seasons.
  • Enrich Progrow is made with natural, greenfield sourced topsoil.
  • The Enrich compost used in our topsoil is weed seed free. However, Enrich cannot guarantee that the natural topsoil screened for use in our soil products is free of viable weed seeds or impurities.


  • 1m3 of Enrich Progrow will service an area of 5m2 when spread to a depth of 200mm.
  • We have a soil calculator to help you find out how much material you need.
  • The mathematical equation is length x width x depth = meters cubed. Please ensure all figures are in meters first.

Delivery Options

Cubic metre bags (1m3) please contact our stockists to order.

1m3 is equal to approximately 1000 litres.

For bulk commercial deliveries contact Enrich directly.


Product Data Sheet