Enrich contaminated Soil Disposal

Soil contaminated with pollutants such as hydrocarbons or heavy metals poses environmental risks which have to be managed in accordance with Environmental Legislation. The legislation sets out strict criteria for classification of polluted soil and the treatments permitted depend on the classification.

Most brownfield sites are likely to contain soil that will fall into a number of different categories depending on the underlying cause of the pollution, and the nature and extent of the contamination.

Various treatment and disposal solutions are available. These include licensed landfills, thermal treatment and soil washing.

Understanding the soil properties and contamination levels is essential to minimise cost.

Enrich has extensive experience and practical knowledge of soil remediation, waste, environmental and transport regulations. To date we have successfully dealt with over 100,000 tonnes of both hazardous and non-hazardous soil.

What Enrich Do

Our team of scientists and engineers has extensive experience in interpreting soil analysis data.

Once the classification of the soil has been determined we will select the appropriate destination facility.

We have established relationships with landfills, thermal treatment and soil washing facilities both in Ireland and Europe. All facilities are fully licenced and we can offer complete traceability.

We offer a competitively priced comprehensive solution in full compliance with all relevant regulations.

We will advise on and complete all necessary documentation including where appropriate Transfrontier Shipment documentation.

Where the soil is being exported we will organise all aspects of the shipping process and road transport.

Enrich contaminated Soil Disposal
Enrich contaminated Soil Disposal