Introducing Enrich

Enrich is an award winning compost manufacturer and is the largest producer of peat free products in Ireland.

Since its foundation Enrich has worked to build knowledge and know-how on the design and management of compost plants and in the use of compost in building sustainable soils.
Enrich now manages the largest compost facility in Abu Dhabi producing compost under the Cultiva brand and working with customers to improve the performance and sustainability of soil in the region.

Our Research and Development team has extensive knowledge of soil science and soil performance and this provides the platform for our Soil Solutions service.

Soil forms a vital part of the Earth’s eco system.  Soil is a medium for plant growth, a habitat for millions of micro-organisms, a recycling system for organic waste and a regulator of water quality.

We are constantly striving to develop new products and techniques to meet the varied needs of our clients.  Our solutions work in harmony with nature, are sustainable and cost effective.

“In Nature nothing is wasted, nothing is created, everything is transformed”

Our Vision

At Enrich we thrive on generating new ideas and finding better ways of doing things.  Innovation is one of our core values.  Every member of Enrich is dedicated to driving success in our key areas of composting, product manufacturing and consulting.  It’s what we do.

From the outset, Enrich has concentrated on developing new products to meet the varied needs of customers and all with minimal environmental footprint.  It forms the basis of our thinking.  The full benefits of recycling can only be attainted when the resulting products are used to replace finite natural resources.  This concept of closed loop recycling is central to Enrich’s product development.

Eco Eye video on Enrich Environmental Ltd.

Enrich Composting and Soil Blending Facility