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Circular Economy

ONE PLANET – Our Planet

Our Natural World is under pressure, our planet is heating up, our oceans are polluted, and the soil on which life depends is being destroyed as a result of the ever-increasing consumption of raw materials. Urgent change is needed and solutions do exist. At Enrich we strive to play our part.

What needs to change – implement a truly circular economy 

At Enrich we see the resource value in discarded materials and are committed to building infrastructure  and developing  new technologies to ensure that these resources are transformed into usable product reducing the demand for virgin materials.

What we do

Save Peat 

Peatlands store more carbon than all other vegetation types in the world combined. Damaged peatlands are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Our compost made from recycled garden waste is a peat free alternative.


Save Soil

The earth’s soil stores more carbon than the atmosphere and plants combined but the degradation of soil has released billions of tonnes of Co2. Effective soil restoration can play a major role in sequestering carbon. Our soil solutions help build healthy soil.