About Us

Enrich is an award-winning compost manufacturer and is the largest producer of peat-free products in Ireland. We have built extensive knowledge on the design and management of compost plants, and in the use of compost in building sustainable soils. Our solutions are an example of circular economy in action.

Our Vision

To play our part in building a truly circular and zero waste economy, to recover valuable resources, and produce valuable products.

Our Mission

Develop and commercialise material management strategies that combine high quality recycling, environmental protection, soil fertility and resource conservation.Devise solutions that work in harmony with nature, are sustainable and cost effective.Design new products and techniques to meet the varied needs of our clients.

Our Team

“The only constant is change”

Tim has a keen interest in nature and ensuring the conservation of the natural environment through more efficient resource use. He is responsible for identifying new ideas and ensuring innovation is a central part of the company’s strategy. This is achieved through a culture that embraces changes and not afraid to challenge established idea.


Tim Duggan

Managing Director

“Question everything,– some of the greatest advancements ever started with a “daft” question."

James is a lifelong gardener, keen DIY’er and recycler. James joined Enrich having spent many years in the Construction Sector. James is responsible for coordinating new build composting plants as well as extensions and modifications to existing buildings and infrastructure. James really enjoys learning from and brainstorming with the other Enrich teams to ensure everything that is developed, built and altered is fit for purpose, long lasting and improves overall production performance.


James Adams

Development Manager

“If you cannot do great things do small things in a great way” 

Jason likes the variety of his work and the freedom and flexibility his role offers to try new and innovative methods. Jason is responsible for overseeing the operations side of the business and guiding and ensuring his team carries out the work in a smooth and efficient manner. Jason works on a multi team basis to ensure continued quality of our horticultural products for our current and future customers.


Jason Connell

Operations Manager

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”.

Dr. Michael Beckett joined Enrich after an extensive and diverse academic research career. He believes that we should embrace creative and unorthodox solutions to the world’s problems, allowing us to drive innovation while simultaneously protecting our fragile environment. Michael is responsible for advancing the company’s Research and Development activities. Through careful management of research collaborations between his company peers and academic and industry partners, Michael strives to develop technologies that are not only operationally sound but also environmentally sustainable.


Michael Beckett

Head of Research and Development

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"

A keen gardener, upcycler and vintage clothing hunter, Heather's values align with those of Enrich - waste less, reuse more. Heather is responsible for ensuring the business operates in an environmentally responsible and safe manner while exploring opportunities for how we can rethink waste materials and improve our resource management. Heather manages our compliance team and works closely with the operations teams to ensure all parts of our business operate safely and with environmental protection as a priority. 


Heather Lamont

Technical and Compliance Manager

“Fail Fast- Fail Better”

Miriam likes the challenge of assisting an innovative environmentally sustainable business thrive and prosper. She works to ensure business development ideas make commercial sense, and that the Company complies with its legal, environmental and human resource obligations. She works closely with the Managing Director and advises and mentors across the business.


Miriam Kearney

Corporate Development Director

Our Best Moments

Qualifying for IS441:2012

Green technology award for the Enrich green roof substrates

Cré cup award for best compost facility