Enrich Organic Compost is peat-free, produced from source-segregated green materials which are recovered and transformed into a high-quality soil improver, certified organic by the Irish Organic Association and compliant with the Irish quality standard. 

Enrich Organic Compost contains a diversity of microorganisms that improves soil biology and biological nutrient cycling and contributes to symbiotic mycorrhiza formation with plant roots. 

Enrich Organic Compost is the secret ingredient in our specialist soil products. It is a multifunctional soil improver which enhances the biological, chemical, and physical characteristics of soils.

Organic Matter
30 - 60%
7 - 8.5
C:N ratio
< 20:1
Mycorrhiza colonization
10 - 50%
Carbon Content*
500 kg CO2 - e/ton (Avg.)
*Carbon content based on organic matter (fresh mass)