Extensive Green Roof

Product Data sheet

Extensive Green Roof substrates are light weight and typically used for planting blanket sedum due to its shallow roots and low maintenance needs. Extensive roofs are typically suitable for inaccessible roof spaces. Sedum roofs offer many benefits including rainwater attenuation, and a long-lasting and resilient building skin.

Bulk Density at Field Capacity
1.1 - 1.4 g/cm3
≈ 1.3x10-4m/s (≈400 mm/h)
Planting Depth
5-20 cm
Carbon Content
80 kg CO2 -e/ton (Avg.)
*Carbon content based on organic matter (fresh mass)

Green roofs are based on sustainable green technology and stormwater runoff management, suitable for SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). 

Green roofs delay water runoff and provide extra protection from flooding. Their use promotes building insulation, creates wildlife habitat, and provides an aesthetically pleasing landscape that helps to lower urban temperatures and reduce air pollution. 

Enrich Green Roof substrates are manufactured according to F.L.L guidelines and B.S. 8616:2019 and have been awarded The Green Technology Award and Cré Innovation Award. 

Key benefits of using Enrich Green Roof Substrates 

  • Key component of sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) 
  • Support life in conditions that would otherwise be barren and sterile 
  • Lightweight material and good porosity ensure good soil aeration 
  • Create biodiversity in high populated areas and a natural habitat for flora and fauna 
  • Made from natural and recycled products 
  • Sequesters carbon in the urban environment