Enrich Compost  Certified Organic

Enrich compost is a natural product made by composting recycled green materials such as garden cuttings. Enrich compost is a great way of putting life back into poorly performing soil.

Enrich compost is peat free and finely screened to create a finished product rich in essential nutrients, beneficial microbiology, and organic matter.

It is a soil improver which is suitable for mixing with soil but can also be used as a topdressing, a mulch or in “no-dig” approaches.

The composting process destroys viable weed seeds.

It has been certified by the Irish Organic Association and is suitable for use by organic farmers and growers.

Produced in Ireland to CQAS 441 Irish quality standard.

Key benefits of using Enrich Compost

  • Improves soil structure
  • Weed free
  • Suitable for organic growing
  • Easy to work with and spread
  • Provides essential macro and micro plant nutrients
  • Increases active organic matter which is essential for soil health
  • Reduces the risk of plant failure
  • Stimulates a healthy soil microbiome
  • Improves soils drought resistance

How to Use

For soil improvement dig compost in to a depth of 0 – 400mm, and mix well.
For example, for new lawns a 50mm layer of compost should be mixed with your existing soil to a depth of 200mm.
When applying as a mulch leave a 2.5-5cm gap around the base of plant, bush or tree roots. Apply to a depth of 100 – 200mm.


  • Enrich compost is a soil improver and should not be confused with potting substrates available on the market.
  • When gardening please wear gloves and wash hands after use.
  • It is not a potting substrate but can be used as an amendment to improve potting substrates. Enrich compost is not suitable as a seed compost.
  • It is not suitable for ericaceous, lime-hating, plants due to an alkaline pH.
  • Once stored correctly a bag of compost will last for years. When storing keep the compost covered and keep moisture levels consistent. Do not allow it to become saturated or to dry out. It should be turned once a year.
  • When using as a mulch if the weather is dry it will need to be watered little and often. A good time of year to apply mulch is in the Autumn.
  • Enrich compost is a recycled material. Though procedures are in place impurities may be present (glass, plastic, metal). These are assessed regularly to ensure they meet the specified limit of <0.5% w/w.


  • 1m3 of compost will cover an area of 20m2 when spread to a depth of 50mm.
  • We have a soil calculator to help you find out how much material you need.
  • The mathematical equation is length x width x depth = meters cubed. Please ensure all figures are in meters first.

Delivery Options

Cubic metre bags (1m3) please contact our stockists to order.

1m3 is equal to 1000 litres.

For bulk commercial deliveries contact Enrich directly.


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